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An overview of the GrenchMark use examples
how can GrenchMark be used?

Using the GrenchMark framework, we performed experiments in a wide-range of situations:

  1. Grid system analysis
    1. Performance testing and analysis
    2. What-if analysis
  2. Functionality testing in grid environments
    1. System functionality testing
    2. Periodic system testing
  3. Comparing grid settings
    1. Performance comparison of single site vs. co-allocated jobs
    2. Performance comparison of unitary vs. composite jobs

Complete details of these (demonstrative) experiments can be found in:

  1. A.Iosup, D.H.J.Epema, GrenchMark: A Framework for Analyzing, Testing, and Comparing Grids, (TR TU Delft/PDS/2005-007, ISBN 1387-2109; submitted for publication).
    article Article, PDF [510KB]
    info Using GrenchMark: simple and composite Grid jobs, replaying traces from the Parallel Workloads Archive, 10 use cases for analyzing, testing, and comparing common grid settings.



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