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Below is the beta release of the GrenchMark framework. This implementation has been successfully used for research experiments, but it requires some work before it can be called a stable release (due June 2006).

GrenchMark_v0-1.zip (100KB)

  1. Possible prerequisites: the Ibis applications, the GrenchMark synthetic applications, SWF traces from the Parallel Workloads Archive. The applications are required for testing in real environments. The traces and the GrenchMark synthetic applications are required for replaying traces.
  2. Download the GrenchMark distribution of your choice, and unpack it to any directory (DIR). In Linux you may need to make the scripts executable:
    $ chmod u+x *.py; chmod u+x *.sh. If you want to replay traces in swf format, we recommend unpacking them in the swf directory.
  3. To describe your own workload, modify the wl-desc.in file, or generate a new .in file.
  4. Run ./wl-gen.py to generate your workload.
  5. Run ./wl-submit.py out/wl-to-submit.wl to submit your workload.
For more advanced use of the GrenchMark framework, please consult the user's guide.



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